Westchester Kid | Tori Suarez, LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Winner

Westchester Kid is a series that shines a light on Westchester county’s best and brightest kids. Through their cool achievements, go-getter attitudes and desire to give back to our community, these kids are someone for us all to look up to. 

Meet Tori, the first subject of the Westchester Kid series. Tori heard about a contest LittleMissMatched was running and knew she had to enter. Her sock design came in first place and you can now buy her socks online and in stores nationwide. She’s telling us all about her accomplishment (in her own words!) below.

Tori Suarez, LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Contest winnerName: Tori Suarez
Age: 10
Town: Somers, NY
Accomplishment: LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Winner

Three facts about Tori:

  • I play the violin.
  • I have two dogs: Duke, my brother’s pit mix, and Tank, my Yorkie.
  • I play roller hockey. Me and four of my teammates are the only girls on the team.

Tell us about your project.

The contest was to design and draw a package of three miss matched socks. The top socks were posted on the LittleMissMatched website for people to vote for their favorite socks. Then, after a few weeks, the three most voted for socks became the winners.

When did you start it?

The contest was around this time last year. I started designing my socks the day I heard about it… except I did it at two in the morning. 🙂

How did you hear about it?

My mom saw it online and told me about it. I knew immediately that I wanted to enter.

LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Contest winnerWhat inspired you to enter?

My mom is a graphic designer so she designs things like activity books and PJ’s. I always like to watch her make stuff and I think its so cool how she designs stuff, so I wanted to try.

What inspired your design?

It came to me randomly. I didn’t want to do something like red, orange and yellow. I wanted something fun and different. I started thinking of things that come in threes: BFF, BLT, wait! Rock Paper Scissors!

What were the first steps you took to start your project?

The first steps were coming up with an idea and colors, then making a few sketches.

Did anyone help you?

My mom helped with color, but I drew and came up with the idea myself.

What advice would you give to other kids who are thinking of entering a contest?

Don’t do boring and expected things like red, orange and yellow. Be fun and creative with things like Peace Love and Happiness, or BLT, or BFF.

For more info on this year’s LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design contest, check out this post.

Do you know a local kid who has accomplished something really cool or done something to give back to the community? I’m looking for kids to feature! Email me at jen@westchesterwithkids.com for more details.

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