The Pump and Dump Show is Coming to the Hudson Valley!

The Pump and Dump Show

Have you heard of The Pump and Dump Show?

Described as a one-of-a-kind, interactive, live comedy production that is the Ultimate Mom’s Night Out, The Pump and Dump Show is coming to the Hudson Valley on Thursday March 16th for a show at Levity Live Comedy Club in West Nyack, NY (just a short trip over the Hudson River in the Palisades Mall).

Combining hysterical original songs like Lies We Tell Ourselves and Eat Your F-ing Food with irreverent humor, games, prizes, and more, the “Band of Mothers Tour” is a cathartic night away from the kids hosted by lifelong friends and comedians Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee.

I got a chance to pick Shayna’s brain a bit on the show and how it all got started…

Was there a catalyst to starting the Pump and Dump Show? Or was it something that was sort of quietly brewing in your heads for a while?

There were certainly many catalysts: The overwhelming world of our own new parenthood, following other moms losing their minds on our local mommy listservs, our desperate need for a night out and knowing other moms must feel the same. All of this sort of culminated in my head one day during a very rare and much needed shower when I thought to myself (after just pumping) that “The Pump and Dump” would be a great name for a show about parenting. So then I called by BFF Tracey and we made it happen.

What made you decide to turn your observations on parenting into song?

I’ve been a singer/songwriting comic for many years. Once I became a parent, my material adjusted accordingly. There is just so much stuff that happens to us every day as moms that is not always funny in the moment, but identified in song, is hilarious. Like, no one likes pushing their kid on the swings. But everyone enjoys a song about how they hate pushing their kid on the swings. It works pretty well for most of our parenting challenges… getting them to eat their f%$*ing food, trying to find time to have sex, how totally disgusting our kids can be, pushing a 7 lb baby out of your vagina… I could go on.

Do you cowrite the songs? What’s the process like for putting together a bit for your show?

I write the music. We collaborate on everything else. We are constantly trying new, fun things as we think of them and we especially try to shake it up for each tour. Usually, one of us has an idea for something we should try, a new game or segment, and then we figure out the best way to execute it between kid drop offs, grocery store runs and traveling every week. And sometimes our ideas are just awesome things we want to do for our moms—like this tour we have something called “Mamassage” where we’ve hired a massage therapist at every show and then we call people’s names throughout the evening and they get a 10 minute massage during the show.

What do you want parents to get out of your show?

The best compliment we get is that moms feel validated at the end of a night with us. Our show is really about them. We provide an evening where they can get together with their #breeder friends and laugh for an hour and a half about all the messed up and ridiculous things that we experience as parents. And in this hi-fi world full of internet entertainment, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to sit in a room with 300 other moms and feel that you are not alone—and be reminded that what you are doing every day, raising humans, is really hard, so GOOD JOB! That’s really what our 2017 Band of Mothers tour is all about. Less eye rolling, more ass slaps and high fives because we are all in this together.

What’s your idea of the perfect mom’s night out?

Why, the Pump and Dump Show, of course! Music, comedy, drinks, games, prizes, sanity… you won’t regret it.

See The Pump and Dump Show at Levity Live in Nyack, NY on Thursday March 16th!
Showtime: 7:30PM / Tickets: $30
Phone: 845-353-5400 / Visit:
Levity Live is located at 4210 Palisades Center Dr. West Nyack, NY 10994

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