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I have been wanting to check out Quirkshop in Peekskill for what seems like forever. Tucked right between The Quiet Man and Speakeasy Tattoo Studio on North Division Street, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared into it while on a lunch date with my husband at McDonald and Peacock across the street. But something inevitably got in the way of actually stepping inside. Torrential downpours, a tight schedule, you name it and it stopped me from popping in.

Recently, after a coffee date with a friend at Peekskill Coffeehouse, I finally made stepped inside—and it was incredible.

quirkshop artisan boutique in peekskillgorgeous locally made artisan jewelry at quirkshop peekskillhandmade goods at Quirkshop in Peekskill NY

Filled with eclectic pieces that are almost entirely locally made, Quirkshop is the perfect spot to grab a really unique gift. In fact, many of the pieces there (like owner Jeorjia Shea’s signature upcycled cashmere fashion) are entirely one-of-a-kind or made in small batches.

It’s the kind of store that leaves you ooohing and ahhhhing at different treasures every time you turn your head. I went from smelling the most amazing candles (which, by the way, I had to buy) to petting the soft cashmere to touching some of the gorgeous stones in the necklace display. I wanted all of it.

quirkshop peekskill interiorquirkshop stocking stuffers table peekskill nyquirkshop peekskill's window display

A few days later, I went back with my daughters to pick up a gift for my mother-in-law and to look around a bit for other people on our gift list. I almost immediately regretted that decision because my girls fell as hard for the place as I did. As we wandered around, they squealed over countless pieces they found (and wanted) and I started to sound like a broken record as I told my five-year old over and over again not to touch the delicate pieces. That said, I totally get it. I wanted to touch everything too! 😉

My ten-year old was so in love, she marched right up to Jeorgia to let her know that Quirkshop is her new favorite store everrrrrrrrr.

close up on quirkshops stocking stuffer table westchester ny boutique

One of my favorite spots in the store was the stocking stuffer table. Actually, now that I think about it, we bought three things off that table alone: the candle I mentioned before, some insanely delicious cocoa lip gloss, and a bottle filled with a yummy milk bath concoction. Everything on the table was $25 and under, which was another thing I loved about the store. They had pieces available for a variety of price points so that anyone dropping in can find something within their budget.

If you’ve never made it to Quirkshop before, you have to check it out. I guarantee you will fall in love with something. And make sure you let them know Westchester with Kids sent you! 😉

23 N Division Street Peekskill, NY 10566
(201) 835-5719

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