Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Daughter to Girl Scout Camp This Summer

This post is sponsored by Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson.

Girl Scout summer camp for Westchester kids

1. That Family Feeling

There’s nothing better than the feeling of community when a bunch of positive and friendly individuals come together to have fun. Girl Scout camp fosters healthy relationships and creates lifelong friendships.

2. Safety, Safety, Safety

Did you know that Girl Scout safety standards are stricter than the Department of Health? At Girl Scout camp, we have higher adult to girl ratios, well-trained staff, and stringent safety policies insuring that no matter how much fun she’s having, it’ll be in the safest way possible.

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson summer camp for Westchester girls3. Girl Led, Girl Choice

We want girls to have a voice. And that includes helping decide the week’s activities. At Girl Scout camp, campers help make decisions that affect the group, and are given a chance to help plan the week—so it’s all about them, and doing what makes them happiest.

4. Progressive Skill Building

Whether it’s swimming, boating, tying knots, or conquering the ropes course, we know girls learn at difference paces. At Girl Scout camp, girls of all skill abilities will have the chance to challenge themselves and continue to master skills.

5. Gaining Courage, Promoting Confidence, Developing Character

We believe in giving girls the courage they need to try new things, the confidence they need to feel good about themselves, and the character traits of a strong leader and community citizen.

6. Female Role Models

When we ask campers and parents to share their favorite aspects of Girl Scout camp, our staff always makes the list. Our counselors not only make camp fun and exciting, but inspire the next generation of girls.

7. Earn badges

Is she currently a Girl Scout? Have her continue the Girl Scout experience throughout the summer, and come back to school in the fall with extra badges for her vest. Not a Girl Scout? That’s fine too, she can still show-off her new Archery badge with pride after shooting a bullseye.

top 10 reasons to go to Girl Scout camp

8. Outdoor Focus

It’s so easy to get caught in the hustle of everyday life, girls need a chance to reconnect with the outdoors—look at the stars, tell stories around the campfire, wade through streams to see what lives there, run through open fields. Being outdoors and free to explore is a quintessential part of childhood.

9. Mixing it Up

She shouldn’t have to choose between STEM and fashion, archery and fishing, crafts and climbing. We know that girls have a wide variety of interests, and at Girl Scout camp, they get to try a little bit of everything.

10. It’s FUN!

Singing around the campfire, roasting s’mores, boating, fishing, finding constellations, riding the zip line, camp-wide games, sharing stories in the tent—Girl Scout camp is all about new experiences and lasting memories. It’s an adventure she doesn’t want to miss.

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson has three summer camp locations:

  • Rock Hill Resident Camp in Mahopac (June 25th through August 11th; offers 1, 2, or 3 week sessions)
  • Camp Addisone Boyce Day Camp in Tomkins Cove (July 3rd to August 11th; offers 1 or 2 week sessions)
  • Rocky Brook Day Camp in Eastchester (July 3rd to August 11th; offers 2 week sessions)

April 30th is Meet the Director Days at each of their camps. Parents can explore what a particular camp has to offer with camp staff and see where your daughter will be spending her time this summer.

  • CAB: 10 am – 2 pm
  • Rock Hill: 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Rocky Brook: 10 am – 12 pm

For more information on Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson summer camp including applications and a look at each of the camps, visit the GSHH summer camp page.

Girl Scout summer camp

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