Westchester Indie Bookstore Tour | The Voracious Reader

My daughters and I love bookstores. Since they were babies, we have loved heading to our local bookseller, picking up a huge stack of books and eating a snack in the cafe while we read through the whole pile. It’s one of the rituals we will always remember about their childhood and we’ve discovered some of our all-time favorite stories this way.

To give some of the incredible indie bookstores throughout Westchester a little bit of love, we’re going to slowly but surely take you along on a tour of all of them. First stop: The Voracious Reader in Larchmont.

Tucked away on a tree-lined street in a neighborhood I don’t know very well, I almost missed this spot entirely—but I’m so glad I circled back around to find it! While the exterior melts in with the landscape, the inside is a roomy, brightly lit treasure trove of children’s literature. And yes, this store carries almost entirely children’s books—from board books right up through YA.

The Voracious Reader in Larchmont, NY | Westchester indie bookstore

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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas from Westchester Businesses

non-candy Easter basket ideas from Westchester businesses

With Easter less than a week away, it’s definitely time to get our collective acts together and figure out what the heck we’re going to fill those baskets with. Personally, I have no problem in the candy department. I know what my kids like (and what I like to swipe while they’re at school or sleeping). But what I always have trouble with is adding some not-so sugary goodies that they’ll actually use.

This year, I turned to some local small business owners to see what options they have—and what goodies they have trouble keeping on the shelves. Here’s what they had to say…

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Winter Farmers Markets in Westchester

winter farmers markets in westchester

Did you know that farmers markets aren’t just a summertime thing?

While you might think of sunshine and warm summer days when you think of a farmers market, they happen to be alive and well during the winter months as well. Sure, there are fewer winter farmers markets out there, but they’re still there if you’re looking for the freshest farm to table stuff around.

I rounded up a list of six winter farmers markets in Westchester that you can turn to until some of the summer staples open up in April.

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Shop Yorktown

Let’s keep our Westchester shopping spree rolling with a trip to Yorktown this morning (in case you missed it, we hit Katonah yesterday and Quirkshop in Peekskill last week). I checked out two Yorktown shops a couple of weeks ago and both have fantastic options for your last-minute holiday shopping needs (or any time of year shopping needs, for that matter).

First up, Wishes in downtown Yorktown.

Wishes a gift boutique in Yorktown

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Shop Katonah

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I took to the streets of Katonah with my camera in tow. Instagram had taught me that there is an absolute treasure trove of awesome small businesses there and I had to check them out (and share them with you). And I fell in love with a few small businesses in the process.

I have four stores to share with you today, but please note that there are definitely more than four that deserve a visit. I had to race home to get my girls off the bus or I would have wandered into POP Katonah next! Also note that there are a bunch of places to eat in town. I fueled up with squash toast from Katonah Reading Room before wandering—and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

OK. Let’s get down to the shops.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think a lot of times people feel like they can’t shop small when it comes to kids. Whether they have a very specific list of licensed character toys that they want or you’re just used to going to a big box store, people seem to forget about the little guys. I’m here to prove that wrong with the help of these great stores in Katonah.

G Willikers Katonah

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Shop Local | Quirkshop in Peekskill

quirkshop peekskill

I have been wanting to check out Quirkshop in Peekskill for what seems like forever. Tucked right between The Quiet Man and Speakeasy Tattoo Studio on North Division Street, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared into it while on a lunch date with my husband at McDonald and Peacock across the street. But something inevitably got in the way of actually stepping inside. Torrential downpours, a tight schedule, you name it and it stopped me from popping in.

Recently, after a coffee date with a friend at Peekskill Coffeehouse, I finally made stepped inside—and it was incredible.

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Shop Local | Wyatt Lily in Scarsdale, NY

wyatt lily deisgner kids clothes and custom gifts in westchester

You can tell when my daughters and I like a store. We immediately start touching everything. We pet sweaters to see how soft they are. We squish pom poms and pillows and we rub things between our fingers to see what they’re made of. This is exactly what we started doing the second we walked into Scarsdale’s Wyatt Lily boutique.

Located right on the corner of Chase Rd. and Harwood Crt., Wyatt Lily started out as a little shop on the Upper West Side. After outgrowing their old location, they moved to Scarsdale a little over a year ago. With a bigger storefront, the boutique now offers a wider range of sizes, stocking newborn through size 14.

Aside from designer clothes, the boutique also carries a bunch of fun and trendy gift items and accessories. My girls’ favorites were most definitely the emoji and sweet treat pillows.

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Shop Local… Without Getting Dressed

Confession: I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere near a mall this weekend.

The idea of sitting in traffic only to be crammed and sweaty in too-small spaces with grumpy shoppers makes me want to bury my head under my pillow. But I do want to support small local businesses. So, while I probably won’t be out much this weekend (don’t fret, local shop owners. I will be visiting you this holiday season—and with my camera so that I can share your awesomeness with my readers), I’ve put together a little roundup of Westchester and Hudson Valley makers that you can buy from online.

So warm up a cup of tea, peruse some pretty pieces and be ready to click over and get lost in the shops of some fabulous local makers…


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