5 Tips to Avoid Getting Lice

Guest post by Jennifer Kilduff, founder of The Lice Chicks, Inc.

tips to avoid getting lice - lice treatment in Westchester

Did you know that the holidays are a prime opportunity for Ol’ St. NIT to spread some holiday cheer?! Visiting family and friends, hugs, pictures, sleepovers, cuddling, and all of the wonderful things that make holiday time so special, also put us at risk for head lice.

After the holidays, we see a big surge in head lice infestations due to the nature of the season. Therefore, parents must be proactive and check their children’s hair regularly in the following weeks to catch an infestation at the onset. Here are a few tips…
  1. Schedule a head check at your local lice salon. If you have any symptoms or concerns, an infestation can be spotted by a professional at the onset and treated immediately.
  2. “Take a peek once a week” as always, but especially during the next few weeks.
  3. Wear long hair up in a ponytail, braid or bun.
  4. Be sure to use an all-natural lice shampoo and conditioner, and/or a mint-scented lice spray. The more minty you smell, the less desirable your head will be.
  5. Remind your family that most lice spread through head to head contact and/or by sharing personal items like brushes and hats.

the lice chicks - lice treatment in Westchester
The Lice Chicks are certified, professional lice removal specialists that employ the Shepherd Method of “Strand by Strand” lice and nit removal. Located in Jefferson Valley, they’re available to help parents throughout the Hudson Valley who are battling a head lice infestation. They will be hosting a free head check week the week of January 22nd to educate families on head lice detection in response to this busy time. If you would like more information on lice prevention, detection, and treatment, please contact The Lice Chicks at 914-302-2927 or visit them on the web at www.thelicechicks.com.

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An Adoption Journey

Guest post by Amie Getis

adoption awareness month

“Have you told your mother yet?” my father asked after I told him that Adam, my husband, and I were trying to adopt.

“No. I told you first.”

“Don’t tell her that you told me. Let her think you told her first,” he advised.

Twelve years earlier at my wedding, my father had drunkenly toasted us with the hope that we would suffer the same as he and my mother had obviously suffered as my parents. My father still held that hope.

“Did she tell you?” my mother excitedly inquired of my father after I told her.

“Tell me what?”

“They are adopting!” was my mother’s gleeful response. That was in September 2011.

Every adoption story is unique and special for the family that goes through the experience. Adoption is the culmination of an emotional rollercoaster joined with a paperwork tsunami that becomes the centerpiece of your life. Adam and I did it twice.

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Is Community College Right for Your Student? Five Factors to Consider

Guest post by Gayle Chaky, College Transitions Coach

A new school year has just started! School buses, crossing guards, lunch boxes, soccer practice, music lessons, football games and, oh yes, the inevitable grumbling about cafeteria food and homework assignments!

That should be enough to keep any family busy in September, but if you have a junior or senior in high school you have the added excitement of listening to your student start worrying about college issues: entrance exams, AP classes, majors, college search, financial aid…. wow! It seems like they will never make it to college, but it does indeed happen! One of the biggest and most stressful issues is WHICH COLLEGE? Along with that question comes a BIG DECISION:

Should they go to the local community college for the first two years or start at a four-year school?


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InstaAddict | Hudson Valley Edition

Guys, I need to tell you a secret: I am an Instagram addict. I’m a screen-scrolling zombie come bedtime (which might be the reason I have such a difficult time sleeping, but that’s a whole post in itself). My eyelids may droop, but my thumb keeps scrolling and double tapping until I just. can’t. even.

Is this the most productive use of my time? Uh, no. Most definitely not. But sometimes I try to trick my brain into thinking it’s OK by saying, “Hey brain. I’m actually conducting really important research here by checking out some local accounts to find some cool things to do. For the girls.” Because my brain is highly susceptible to mom guilt.

In case you’re interested in a really pretty time suck—I mean, highly productive research project for the good of your children—I put together a list of some of my favorite Hudson Valley Instagrammers. These guys regularly post gorgeous shots of things to do and see and eat and buy in our pretty stinking beautiful NYC suburbs.

Hudson Valley Instagrammers | Hudson Valley Compass

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