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Jen Garry of Westchester with Kids

Hi! I’m Jen. I am a Westchester girl. Except for a short stint just across the Bronx border in Woodlawn, I’ve lived here my whole life. And as a mom to two girls, I am constantly on the prowl for affordable family fun in the area. Inside, outside, free, with a fee, and everything in between.

My daughters and I declared this past summer the Summer of Adventure. After exploring Westchester and the lower Hudson Valley while writing about it on my blog, Cuddles and Chaos, I realized that there were a lot of families out there who could benefit from a website that specifically serves as a guide for Westchester families. So many Westchester parents reached out to let me know they took their kids somewhere new because they saw we had been there and loved it. So I decided to break off the local piece of my blog and create Westchester with Kids, a website that’s dedicated entirely to raising a family in Westchester.

Westchester with KidsOn Westchester with Kids you can expect to find:

Now, I’m admittedly partial to northern Westchester since that’s where I live and raise my girls. But if you live in other parts of the county, don’t fret! I plan to expand my horizons a bit in the coming weeks and explore corners of the county I don’t visit that often. And if you think I’m lacking in a certain area, feel free to tell me—or pitch me a post about it! I happily accept guest posts (as long as they’re not sales-y… because no one wants to sit and read sales pitches all day).

You can always reach me at jen@westchesterwithkids.com!

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